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Tebofortan 120 mg 30 comprimidos
  • Tebofortan 120 mg 30 comprimidos

Tebofortan 120 mg 30 tablets

CN 701584

Tebofortan 120 mg 30 tablets


Herbal supplement

  • Promotes healthy brain function
  • Scientific research documents the ability of Ginkgo to maintain peripheral circulation to the arms, legs and brain.In addition, Ginkgo helps improve memory, especially occasional mild memory problems associated with aging.


Tebofortan 120 mg contains an extract of ginkgo leaves, which improves the work performance, concentration and memory of mental organically caused mental disorders.

Increasing loss of function of the nerve cells in the brain can lower the mental performance, so that it can lead to a decline in memory, concentration and emotional balance.

 You will feel more balanced and resilient. Tebofortan 120 mg  help you to keep yourself mentally fit.

CN 701584

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